Sterling Heights, Michigan
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I applied for a personal loan online. I was told in Good Faith I needed to buy a green dot money pak card and put $220.00 on it and a 2nd.

Additional card with $160.00 on it. Ryan (The Loan Agent) said that at NO time would it be removed they just needed to verify in "Good Faith" that I could make my monthly installments in the future. I have him recorded giving me this information. When the money disappeared he said the IRS took it...but his company would reimburse my funds within an hour into my Bank Account.

He did not reimburse my account, and today he say's he FEDEX the money and gave me a tracking number of AM-568-7492-10 which is not a valid tracking number! His Number is (209) 257-3220 EXT 118 and now he is not even returning my phone calls. All conversations were recorded, I am trying to find out the account and additional Business Information. I have also filed a fraud complaint to Greendot.

After my first Complaint to Greendot was filed I finally received a phone call, asking for money for them to FEDEX my check to me. I just recorded another conversation and I am unable to load them to this site. Now I have (4) Recordings of them and are refusing to refund my money.

THEY ARE A SCAM....But they acted like they were ligament, had all my information from applying for a personal loan. Come to find out they are not American Finance they are called Level 3 Communications, LLC.....SCAM...Watch OUT

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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How is this American General Finances fault, youre the *** that allowed this to happen. Who doesn't know how a loan is handled?

Maybe you guys arent mature enough to handle your own finances. Don't blame others because you gave money to people you didn't know.

***, if I was a juror I wouldn't even convict those people for anything. You gave them the money.


i just went through this with "amerinet financial services" these people pray on us how can we fight back


I just got scammed by these guys for $100 They have blocked me from calling them now. All I know is that they are in california.

But if you find out anymore information contact me 248-49-5-5661. These guys must go down and i wont stop till it happends