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In 1989 I bought a truck with AGF help, I thought they had repossed the truck in 1993, when the truck turned up gone from my driveway, I called and no one knew what happened but theyd get back to me... fast forward to 2008 and I get a random phone call you owe 8,000.00 fpr the truck, um no I dont it went to collections back in 1995, and you couldnt collect then, & Im sorry that every 4 years or so each collection agency sells it to another collection agency who then trys to collect, just recieved a threatening phone cal trying to collect yet again, first she says my name wrong, 2nd as soon as she says the name of the company I tell her "this is a 25 year old debt, by law it can not be collected on" she says " mam you have no idea what my call is about...

in 1989 you borrowed 8,000.00 for a truck , ( duh I just said that) then she preceeds to say once you have adebt you always have a debt till its paid off, (nope not true), by law any company you owe monay too, can send it to collections if your payments are late or you stop paying, once they go to court they have by law 4 years to collect then it has to be written off, so even at that this is still 15 years to late... why do they think we the general public don't know our rights

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If you have a judgment against you issued by a court the company can collect on the debt for as long as it takes too collect the debt. The four year statute of limitations on a debt owed doesn't mean they can not try to collect a debt after four years and it doesn't mean that the debt is no longer due. All it means is that they can no longer take legal action against you to collect the debt.


wow..some creditors can go back to court and open the unpaid debt and start it all over again..check with an attorney and court law in your local state and county for details.

you may still OWE this law..or some of it.

if you do not take them to court or dispute will go into the new YEAR que and start the process all over again as a SCAM by these collectors..they will scam you as much as possible.

next time, pay your bills..