Reston, Virginia
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I am call on a regular basis on my cell phone asking for a Margaret. I have had this cell phone number for over 15 years and know no one by the name of Margaret.

I have filed a complaint with the "Do Not Call Registry" and still receive these harrassing calls.

They all seem to have an Indian accent and when I threatened one with reporting them they said "you do not know who is calling you, so how can you report us". My minutes are being eaten up by a company I have never had any dealings with and I am pissed, to say the least.

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@ ibleedagf

Maybe she meant the people who call her all seem Indian. I can agree, the ones who call me are in a call center in India (They admit to *** when you harrass them back). I'm sure there are some out of Pakistan and Afghanistan but, I couldn't tell the differance.


The "do not call registry" does not apply to bill collectors, the way it does to solicitors. Maybe you need a phone you can program to ignore unwanted calling numbers. Maybe a loan shark...sub-prime..."consumer finance company"...(consumes its victims)...would loan you the money to buy it.


Hey Joe Consumer,

Instead of F'ing myself, I think i'll just continue to F your mom... she's much better


I don't think that was AGF. I saw news segment on ch.

2 yesterday with woman saying she got a call from someone stating she owed them and would be sued; yada, yada, yada.

This woman recorded the call and you can hear, after she repeatedly questioned the caller and told her she didn't owe them, the woman (with a West Indian accent) told her, "I'm in Afghanistan." "I don't have time to talk to you, I have other peoples like you to scam." The woman had her repeat that she was scamming and you can hear it again! Go to WSB tv and watch it.



ibleedagf you're probably one of those indian terrorist ***, so go F your self. :p Un-capitalized, "I" intended for all S bag Indians!


Lagnew, thats a pretty racist thing to say about it always being Indian people. Frankly, I'm quite offended by this