Chicago, Illinois
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I had taken a loan from American General Finance, this was the worst thing I could of ever done. I was going through some financial hardships and missed a payment and fell behind.

I was HARRASSED continuously from their branch office and I saved all voicemails that were inappropriate. Today I will be seeking legal advice as I was served a lawsuit from them today. I have many creditors that work with people of hardships.

This company by far should be renamed as American Loan Shark Finance. I have nothing positive to say about American General Finance, a suggestion is NEVER USE this company for a loan go else where such as citifinancial or wells fargo financial.

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My wife has a loan through AG. Fell behind and consistly harrassed.

Manager has come by and told my kids to get their mother.

He also likes to take pictures of the house. It is ashame that AG employees people of this calibur..NEVER USE or RECOMMEND!