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I called American General Finance four times , spoke to four different people, stated word for word, " My employer DOES NOT allow calls at work, you can contact me at my home phone number per The Fair Debt Collection Practice Act" They still call and lie claiming the message gets erased from the computer notes on my file. They also have entered our gated property with NO TRESSPASSING signs on each fence and came knocking on my door.

I still have rights as a consumer and a human being. I tried to find a 800 number to call the main office and complain.

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this is for hmmmm u should get back to work im sure your boss at afg want u to harase somebody *** off


Hmmmmmmm, sounds like hmmm, hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hm, and hmmmm, and hmmmmmmmmmmm works for american general jerkoffs. I've dealt with American General also, and they suck.

The three letter phrase is coming to a judical system soon!!!!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!, It's time this company gets what they've been dishing out.

I hope EVERYONE who has a loan with this company stops paying their payments, because american general does not deserve another penny from ANY consumer after screwing so many american consumers in a time of deep econimical recession.. They suck....


Whether or not one pays bills on time, consumers still have rights. One cannot violate the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act by contacting consumers after hours, calling their employer, or threating actions that they don't have the power to inact. Sure, if you owe a bill, you are obligated to pay it, until relieved by arragement or bankruptcy. But, that does not give the debt collector any right to violate the law trying to collect the debt. Let's not go back to the days when debt collectors could call at midnight, tell you they were going to put you in prison, and garnish your wages. Last I checked, only a judge could do either, and if I make only .37 an hour in prison work, they won't get much. Even if they debt collector can go to court and get a judgement against you, there is a big difference between winning a judgement and collecting on a judgement. The judge is not going to stand over you with a gun and make you write a check. Eventually down the judgement process other actions might occur, but not on the first judgement.

Bottom line is NEVER talk to anyone trying to collect a debt over the telephone. Get an answering machine to intercept the telephone calls so you can hear who is on the other end and decide if you want to answer or not. Stick to only written coorespondence with the creditor so that if they state anything illegal, you have written proof. And, if any creditor breaks the law trying to collect a debt, notify the Federal Trade Commission, your State Attorney, and the State Attorney of the company's headquarters.

No matter who you owe or what you owe, no one has the right to illegally harass or intimidate anyone to collect a debt.


they are not above the law just type in "things that creditors dont want you to know" and the next time they call you just let them have it .. SCAVENGERS IS ALL THEY ARE ..


yeah i would probably pay my bill and not even consider an attorney. If you have money for that you can pay your bill.


I completely understand with you. Whoever posted these two comments just have nothing to do and more than likely owe bills themselves.

I am also looking for a corporate number. They are very rude and will put what they want to into notes. I hired a lawyer for me and they returned my money because American General will not even work with them. So I'm trying to fight myself.

Still getting advice from them free because they would like to see them play fair also. You don't have to pay the late fees right now. They are jerks can't wait till they shut down...

I have been writing to everyone and posting where I can. Just trying to protect anyone else from getting involved with them also.


you can repeat your saying all you want per the fair debt collection act, how about you just pay you bill plain and simple. If i was you i would move lol.

But they could locate you and knock on your door again so just pay up. Responsible people pay there bills.

You repeating that info to them about the fair debt collection act seems is hilarious. You should refer back to your cracker jack box for a new saying lol.


you obviously take out loans and dont pay them back. Instead of buying the signs and paying for gate, you should have been paying your bill. you should be looking for a 800 number to make your payment over the phone.