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American General has helped me eliminate my higher-rate credit cards. I'm so glad this service was available.

Now, the rate I have with American General is the highest of any of my other debt. So, I want to work on paying it off first. I made an extra payment last week and I want to see that it has been applied. It would be really nice if they had online account access so I can see my interest rate, current balance, payments, etc.

Since it isn't available, I have to keep calling the local office each time I have a question. Is this the 80's or what? BTW: they refused to tell me what my interest rate was. They said I could just look at my loan I had to find them.

That was very irritating since it was probably sitting right there on the screen! Hey - good customer service should allow me to be lazy. Another thing: I worry every month about when I'm going to receive my bill, because it doesn't seem like I will receive it in time to pay it. For example: I recieved the last bill on May 30th (Friday).

It was due on June 8th (Sunday), so it is actually due (must be cleared) on the Friday before that. ARG!!!!!!! That is very frustrating. For that reason and for the fact that there is no online account access, I am so glad that I will have this darn thing paid off and I will never get a loan from American General Finance again.

It just causes too much anxiety.

I have enough to worry about already.

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This company lack ethics and integrity. If you had or have a loan with them more than likely you have experienced one of the issues indicated below. They need to be reported to the FTC, BBB, Consumer Affairs, Attorney General Offices and any other entity out there that can put a stop to the acts of this company now called Springleaf Financial.


:( have had an account with ag for 5 yrs. auto loan.

can not get pay off on line .Mailed payment when out of town. was charged late fee, told they took 2 weeks to get from so texas to carson city Nevada, then made payment in the office while up there. payment was a held a week and a half then charged late fee. When confronted said oops sorry.

I found out payment could be made on line. Then get calls saying payment was late Before payment was even due. 3 times.

Paying them off this week will NEVER use them again,Will never recomend them, new name? Scam *** under any name.


I have had a loan with AIG for several years now, and have had no problems. I pay double payments every month and I am always at least a week early.

My only complaint is that there is no way to follow my account online. It's very frustrating to have to wait for the statement to see what the new balance is.


This company sucks!! If your a little late on a payment they call your work and home constantly.

They also show up at your house. Can't beleive someone has not gone postal on their ***.

Horrible company, I will never do business with them again. I so want to slap that *** that keeps calling my home and work.


Like loan sharks. High interest rates, calling all the time if you are just a little late, threatening you, showing up at your house.

If I ever get desperate again I still would not go to this company. Stay away!!


I had my account setup to be paid automatically every first of the month, giving significantly more than the amount due. I ignorantly assumed all was well, and then opened a statement one month showing that I'd been charged more than one late fee, though the payments seem to have been sent out from my bank and cleared the account in time, unless my due date is changing from month-to-month.

Not sure. But, I can tell you with certainty the following: 1. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED there is not way for me to review the account right now online to ensure everything is paid as I think it is. 2.

I sent a letter disputing the late charges to AG and have received no timely response at all 3.

I WILL NOT be getting a loan through AG again. Sticking to my credit union!


i hade a loan thru equity one they went of business so they gave it to american general when i got my statement my payment was less but the amount was more i am so sick of this loan payment i pay every month and the loan amount never seems to get any less i think they are ripping me off i will never apply for a loan thru them i think i should have been informed first by the other loan company before i got sold to american. it is BS


AG purposefully does not provide online account access so as to keep their customers in the dark as much a possible. This increases the chance that they can charge late fees and keep the loans generating income for the company.

I tried to borrow more money when the interest rate was lower, but they insisted that I pay the higher rate of my current loan.

Needless to say, I told them to ____. I will never use AG again.


I live in IN and have been using AG for 4 years now. Yes they are money sucking leches.

However if you are able to make double payments at the time of signing you'd be amazed at the intrest you'll save. WE have used AG for small home repairs and have paid very little on intrest and more towards principal. Double payments are the way to go. Unless you are trying to establish credit, then you should do 1 or 2 small loans and pay them on time to build your credit up.

Thats what we did. After this loan we have now our credit score will rise past 700(and we even filled bankruptcy 5 years ago) *key to a small loan is don't get it unless you have the money available to pay for all or most of it the day you sign papers. We have been in the grace period before(due to pure laziness) and they always call to see when we will be in to make our payment. I assume its protocal.

If you don't want the irritating calls then pay it a week early. It also helps you look good to any future lender.


Yes, they do have the information there in front of them. Although, you shouldn't blame the company for the emloyees laziness.

Make a complaint the the branch manager and see to it that it gets handle. I have a branch locally and they are very proffessional and go the extra mile to see that I am satisfied!


I had a loan through american general and never had a problem with them. I even made a pyment 4 days late on time and told them "Im sorry I just forgot" I was told "thats fine with your payment history we were not worried at all.

My loan was also payed off 2 years early and when I payed that loan off they didnt have a problem with it. Im actually in the process of getting a new loan through them right now.


Since I have morals and ethics, I had to quit. They are rude, sneaky, and downright mean.

They threaten customers if they want to pay off their account for a lower interest rate. Their goal is to NEVER let a customer pay off their loan.

They intimidate the customers on purpose. I was ashamed to be associated with them.


Be glad you are paying off soon. You are right customer service should allow you to be lazy.

Whoever you talked to at your local branch was not doing thier job.

I know for a fact they have all your information at thier finger tips and if the computer is down they can pull your file simple as that. Sounds like they just didn't want to tell you your rate because they were afraid you were looking to beat them with another company.