Cleveland, Ohio
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Will not cooperate at all in trying to refinance at a lower rate at all. I possibly will be coming into a sizable amount of money and will pay them off in full after an attorney checks every dang cent I've paid them and hope to sue as I doubt they have any honesty.

The rest of my comment would need to be censored well not quite.

Just ask ESOP in Ohio about them they AT&T rate about #1the on the worst to even try to deal with. AGF makes payday loan offices look like saints, why don't the government control AGF?

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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I'm being garnished by these sob's 25 percent of my bring home so I work for free and it seems the $ Amt I owed changes each time I asked the manager and of course not n my favor not to mention I was making payments