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I had a loan from American General for $5,000.00 with my vehicle as collateral. I made my payments every month for almost 2 years, but fell behind on few payments due to illness and loss of income.

I was originally $800 past due, but by making monthly payments above the minimum I reduced the past due amount to $300.00. I also expressed to Nancy that I intend to continue to make payments and catch up on the past due amount. Well I end up in and out the hospital for 2 weeks, and I come home one morning to find my car repossessed. I called American General, who basically told me since I didnt return any of their phone calls they repossessed my vehicle.

They refused to work with me. I offered to pay the past due amount, next months payment, and the repossession fees, but they were downright rude and refused to work with me. I have to pay off the entire balance of my loan over $8, 000( due to the ridiculously high interest rate) within 7 days to get my vehicle back or it will be sold at auction and American general will keep any profit made off the sale of my vehicle. They took my $16, 000 car to settle a $8, 000 debt when I was only one month behind and currently making regular payments to catch up.

I encourage anyone considering a loan through American General to find another lender.

They wont work with you, they are out to rip people off. They will also harass you with daily mutiple phone calls to your home and place of employment, they also come to your door demanding payment.

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Tis is a simple case of YOU defaulting on the loan. Listing you problems is irrelevant.

You signed an agreement, a contract. AG makes loans to people who cannot obtain them elsewhere... there is therefore a HIGH rate of loan default, hence the high rates.

It was up to you to stay in contact once you knew you would be one day late. However, being MONTHS overdue, they were justified in taking your collateral regardless.


They're a loan company. You should've known what you signed up for.

When someone signs papers and agrees to use their car as collateral bet your *** you need to keep up with payments.

It is what it is. Its what they as well as so many other companies do.


Mailed them a payment, they said they never got it. I'm almost certain they sat on my check in order to repo my car. :(


why is it the people complaining are behind on their payments....i don't see anyone complaining who is current on their payments. i just recently got a loan from agf and was worried when i saw all of these postings.

but each one says "i am behind on my payments and their calling me .... ??? duh. i don't think they are running a non profit.

and the interest rates....you sign a contract. no one forced me...i needed the money. they said yes. they don't cover it up and hide it.

you know when you sign it. each one of these people probably has a target card with the same or higher rate 25-29% and you aren't complaining about target.

wait, maybe they are???? lol


Didn't they offer you any type credit insurance. such as disability, life, or unemployment.


1. CONTACT is key. If you don't stay in contact with AGF, then what else are they supposed to do? They can work with you, but how can they when you don't work with them? Typically when you are two months or more behind is when they will consider repossessing a vehicle. So, you were pretty far behind even before going into the hospital and had plenty of time to contact them beforehand.

2. AGF does not keep excess proceeds from the sell of collateral.

3. AGF is a for-profit company and does not "rip" anyone off without you agreeing to it first. Didn't you sign a contract stating precisely what you would be charged in interest?

4. If I was the manager at that branch, I would have worked with you since you had an understandable reason and more importantly, you paid well beforehand.

5. I am glad you were able to get this resolved afterall. AGF is really a good company that most customers are satisfied with and have come back for years.


I just got a secured loan offer letter from American General. They wanted to lend me some money at the expnse of 28.87% interest.

Wow I am gonna jump on that right away. I mean man I got my car loan for 4%..

I really need that kinda secured loan. What is wrong with these ppl....


An update on my situation.

After filing a complaint with the BBB, i received a call from the District Manager willing to work with me to get my vehicle back.

I only have to bring the account current which is only $700 versus the $8,000 the branch manager demanded, and he is also working out something with the repo yard to reduce the fees on their end.

I didnt think filing the complaint would lead to any sort of resolution and i am pleasantly surprised. Its good to know that American General does have a few decent people working for them, and when i do get my vehicle back i will never ever ever fall behind even $1 with these people.


AG is badnews, they take advantage of people in trouble. They are not there to help and when you have a problem with them they will not help. Subprime loans---something needs to be done to stop these people


Arrange for someone to handle your affairs when you are incapacitated. Any number of problems can, and will, occur when you don't pay your bills and fail to have any effort to communicate with your debtors.

You state in your complaint that you had a history of illness.

Would stand to reason that you should have someone to arrange your affairs for you when you are in the hospital.

I'll assume you declined the unemployment and disability insurances agfs offered you. Smooth move.