Carnation, Washington
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We have a mobile home loan with American General. Due to the economy it is in foreclosure, BUT we have the opportunity to buy it back.Technically the trailer is still ours.

One of the employees won't give us the payoff. We have people living in it now because they needed a place to live and this employee went to these people and told them all about what is going on and that they better not pay us any rent.

Where does this employee have the right to do this? American General Sucks and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. All people are out to do anymore is screw each other over. I'm even embarrassed to call this home!

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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I so agree with you "shaking my head", Nobody could of said it better!


Whoever this person is that feels justified in rebutting every comment that is made to show what unethical conduct looks like, how can you sleep defending these actions. There is enough crookedness in this world today, if people didn't need help they wouldn't be using AG or Springleaf or whatever their name is.

Its a *** shame that people enjoy taking advantage of others that are temporarily seperated from their wealth. To the defender be a man and just say you are the owner of the company, nobody else could get paid enough to be such a good *** kisser.


I am glad to hear that your friend is going to take action against AG. I hope he gets them good.

Let me know how it turns out. Thanks


a frind of mine is starting a class action suit against AGF. if interested you can contact me at


Thank You for your comment, but AG still sucks and should NO longer be in business. The one guy is a total *** and I don't care who knows it!

I wouldn't recomment AG to my worst enemy. We got the trailer and are living in it, so AG can eat ***


Just a little instruction on how credit (mortgages and car loans) work. The trailer isnt "yours" until you pay it off!!

It is THEIRS as long as you have a mortgage (trailer loan). Since you went into foreclosure, you no longer have any right to it.

True they shouldnt have disclosed your situation to your tennants (some confidentiallity is called for in handling credit cases) but these too many foreclosed landlords are taking the rent money and running, not paying the mortgage, and leaving the tennants to get evicted by the new owners/bank. Unfortunately, they are now the owners and would be entitled to any rent the property earns.