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American General/Springleaf Financial Services is unbelievable. I missed one mortgage payment in 3 years due to illness and have not missed a payment since and have been harassed to no end.

Repeated nasty calls and visits to my home are constant for the one payment 6 months ago. I have made up the payment but the harassment has not stopped. I should have kept my mortgage with the bank. I always call if I am running a couple of days late.

Even though there is a 10 day grace period on the account I am called by them if the payment is 1 day past the due date. I was told that the payment I missed would be sent to the end of the mortgage contract to keep me current this never happened and multiple late fees are being applied even though all other payments were made on time.

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Does Springleaf reps know the meaning of Grace period. I was told that they will continue to call me everyday--numerous times a day--during the grace period, even though I had advised them that my payment would be made before the grace period expired. These people are beyond *** and rude


The phone calls will happen if you do not call them first. But Springleaf has treated me very good.

When the economy cashed I lost my job, so I went to them for help so I didn't lose my home.

And guess what they modified my loan for me. Went from 14% to 2% interest you can say what you want but Springleaf is all-some in my book.


People amaze me. They need money, borrow it and then at the first sign of a problem, it is the lender who is always the bad guy.

Why Is that. At the first phone call, they are "harrassed". Any call after that is also considered harassment. Look, people, you borrowed the money, you make the payments.

If your financial situation changes, make arrangements. Don't blame the lenders. You call them, don't it immediately. No one FORCED you into making arrangements of any kind.

You signed, you borrowed, you pay. If you can't pay back, what do you think, it's free? Come on, grow a backbone. I just do not understand this age of entitlement where everyone thinks its the other guys fault EVERY SINGLE TIME.

We just got through filing bankruptcy. OUR FAULT because of losing jobs and medical bills with no insurance. We tried to pay and couldn't. It was the worst five years of our lives.

We hope to rebuild credit. We aren't blaming anyone but us. At our age we know different.

So stop whining and learn to accept responsibility for yourselves. Geeze.


I am a successful veteran as a financial advisor! I'm use to see individuals who were scammed but no me, no way!

I was very, very sick and close to death. I arranged a refinance on my home. I was told the interest rate was 7.5%. I was giving up 6.1% to obtain some equity.

My Disability was approved and i would see my first payment in 6 months. We would be in good shape then. So part of this equity was to pay off a few loans. AIG was on the news daily and our closing stretched out 4 months.

When at closing I noticed the interest rate was at 11.9%. I was floored and also by now running behind on our bills. I was TAKEN IN and worse yet I had to sign! They were such incompetents, my payoffs and they only would send out these payoffs?

They had Fed Ex letters sent to Po Boxes? Mailed to wrong addresses! Now my credit is ruined! NO RECOURSE!!!

I lived and it took 2 years to fix my credit but I'm still stuck with a 11.9% rate! They get bailed out!

There executives get bonuses and I still am scarred on my credit report that won't allow me to refinance for more equity on this and other properties I own to help pay for a "liver transplant" so I can stay amongst the living at age 54!!! They just don't care but someday they will stand before their Maker


I have worked for Springleaf/AGF for a really long time as a manager and have seen a lot in my time. It's too bad some questionable employees have ruined our reputation on here.

In response to those who say they are "harassing" you by calling for a payment after 1 day I say, why not just call and tell them that you're going to be a little late. The likely response will be "ok, that's great, thanks for calling. Can I lend you another $1000?". We really have no reason to call you over and over again if we know when you will be coming in.

So just call us back quickly or pick up the phone if we call. It saves us a *** of a lot of effort and saves you any further "harassment". Look at it from my point of view. I have 1500 plus accounts, of which 30% of them start out past due at the beginning of every month.

It is a given that we have to call them. That's our job. And it's a big one, even with a large staff. Certainly some employees take the wrong attitude when calling customers who are late.

I don't tolerate those kind of calls. If someone is late the attitude should be "how can I help you get back on track?" and not some sort of interrogation.

I don't doubt the negative stuff that happens and then that ruins it for us all. You can never go back once you have delivered poor customer service.


It is really sad when you call springleaf and you've made your payment on time and if you want to take out another loan they are really happy, but what I did not like is when the agent put my car up as collaital and did not even ask me and then she "Monica" out of the Anaheim office got mad at me because I told her she should have discussed it with me before doing such a thing :(


I ended up dealing with this company because Equity One sold my account to them! I had no problem with American General Finance at first and was able to make lower payment arrangements with them.

Due to my husband losing almost all of his income we got behind three months. I called them and they assured me that they would continue to work with us. Oh they worked with us alright.

The original company who sold us to AGF ended up freezing our checking account for twice the amount that we owed them! Be CAREFUL...VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!


I have had a loan through AG and have never had problems with them. They helped me out when nobody else would due to my lower credit score.

Now my score is up, partially due to them helping me out in the past. Quit eating steak for dinner and pay your bills on time...Not that's a thought.


Before you get all pissed off at the company, take this into consideration... All the #'s for Springleaf are local, when you do have a problem you can usually talk to the same person who took care of your loan in the first place.

Additionally typically their calls are to solicit you. If your slow on your payment to them, perhaps you are late on a few other bills, they are calling to see if they can help.


We have taken out multiple personal loans with American General over the years and have paid every one of them off early. We never had any issues until this last loan.

During this loan I no longer have a job and my husband is making about 1,000 less per month thanks to the economy. We have been paying this loan (even though we are down a job) and the payment is usually a week past the due date but before you get a late charge. Simply because of the timing when my husband gets paid. Usually one day after it is due I start getting calls. day. I am so tired of this, they always get their money and I get harassed! Sadly, we have been customers of theirs for years but no longer. I will NEVER go back once this loan is paid.

I don't think running their customers off is good business but okay!

We will have this loan paid off this year and they will never get my business again. *** way to do business if you ask me.