Cedar Falls, Iowa
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I would sooner slit my throat than ever have another loan with American General... sure they give loans to people who are credit challenged but they lied to us and when we found out we didn't have the insurance that would cover our loan should we be hurt or off of work for a long period of time they claimed they never put that on their loans...

we had a 5000 loan... and any other finance co. has that on their loans..at signing we specified that we wanted that insurance on.. they said we have it...and we left thinking we had it...

we had so many papers to sign and he had other customers waiting so shame on us for not checking but every time we brought it up they had us send our paper work to corp. they are liars... period... and I'm glad we gave them back their vehicle and hope they choke on it...

stay far far away from them...

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $4800.

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Well to the above comment I didn't have bad credit but the car company I bought my vehicle financed all their cars through them and in our area they must be bad as they has alot of complaints and finally closed up shop... just remember folks...because you've had good luck with some company doesn't always mean someone else will...as this company was investigated they had some employee that didn't do his job right so customers suffered...

don't judge and call people fools... the above mentioned they made errors and I'm sure they learned from them but some of these finance companies make mistakes too and customers suffer....


I\'ve had 2 loans with AG now and both times the people there have been very polite. I\'ve never received phone calls about payments and whenever I\'ve need the money, there they were ready to lend it to me.If I ever need a loan again, I will probably go back to them.Sorry that you had a bad expirience with them. I\'m in Seattle, I wonder if that is why my expiriences have been so different than yours?


You gave them "their" car?? You are a dirtbag....


Comment on "Sounds like a *** consumer". A lot of people get burned by actions and double talk, but you just sound like a ***, which you know you are in your area.

Leave suffering people alone ***.


I had a loan with these guys a year ago. They are not bad people, at least where I live.

When you get the loan, they will push that insurance on you a few times (I assume they get some commission or are just required to by corporate). Anyways, you can't blame them for your own personal financial problems.

You can't pay, so they took whatever you put up for collateral at the time.

But I guess that it is easier in you mind to blame other people and things for your own problems. :zzz


Do you think they actually wanted to NOT sell you insurance products? You are a fool


Come on now, give us a break. You have to have poor credit to apply there, and they gave you a loan and you defaulted with them... Sometimes a mirror is the best detective here if you catch my drift.