Dayton, Ohio
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I borrowed a total of $6,500 the interest rate was 19%. They told me it was a 5 year payment plan.

I lost my job and tried to get a lower rate but they would have none of that. I borrowed the money in 2005 have made all of my payments and 6 years later they say I still owe $3,400. These numbers just don't bear out. They suck and I hope they go out of business.

One time I did get behind three payments because I was considering foreclosure with my bankruptsy. They didn't hesitate to send someone to my house and harass me.

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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***One time I did get behind three payments because I was considering foreclosure with my bankruptsy.*** Not sure what you meant here but FYI...for those who have secured loans (motorcycle) and file bankruptcy you still have to pay the loan amount each month PLUS a portion of the past due amount to the bankruptcy court each month or surrender it to the finance company. Sounds like you had an interest bearing loan and when you get past due payments go to the past due interest and not the principle.


Sounds like yo momma works for AG.


to whom it may concern, a friend of mine is in the process of starting a class action suit against american general finance now known as springleaf. If interested you can contact me at


So you were offered unemployment insurance when you got the loan but you declined it then lost your job and now your mad because they wont lower your rate. You sound ***


AmGen doesnt usually lower rates on existing loans. However, when you took out your loan you were offered a staggering array of "insurance" options on the loan. If you passed, well that was your choice, but if you have been paying for them, you should tap into them get your payments made while you are unemployed.


all I can say is NerdlingerSS must work for American General


Grow up, act like a man, and PAY your debts, PERIOD!!!

It is your, and your total responsibility to pay the debt as you agreed and signed contract.Quit blaming others for your late payments, ***!!!