American General Finance in Lancaster, CA is horrible. A few years back I got an unsecured loan with them because I needed the money and my credit was not the best.

I purchased the unemployment insurance with them just in case. Of course, a few months back I lost my job and filed my claim with them but you have to wait 30 days for the insurance to make the payment. I was behind one payment because of the 30 day wait period. They called and harassed me and came to the house for that one payment.

I told them that I was waiting for the unemployment insurance I had purchased from them to start making the payment. They basically told me they would take me to court for that one payment. Finally the insurance kicked in but still these people are relentless, they pushed for the money and I asked if I could make a partial payment and they said no. Now they will call several days before the payment is even due and I have to remind them I have their unemployment insurance.

Once I did not return their call right away and they proceeded to call everyone I had used as a reference. I really wish I had not gotten this loan with them and I would advise others not to use them as well. They prey on people who have credit that is not so good and charge ridiculous interest rates. Whenever I go in there to turn in my unemployment stubs for the unemployment insurance they always try to get me to apply for more money.

They are willingly to lend you the money but you can be one day late and they will call you several times a day to get you to pay the money. I have other creditors that I purchased unemployment insurance with and none of them have treated me the way American General Finance has.

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