Like alot of people these days we were struggling with our finances and fell behind on some bills. Out of desperation we financed with American General...BIG MISTAKE!

They will harass you for payment! Our payment wouldn't even be due and they would call us EVERY DAY to verify we would be making payment by the due date. When we didn't answer the phone they would show up at our house!!!

We had even told them we work 3rd shift and if they left a message we would call them back but they continued to show up at the house. DO NOT finance with this company!!!!!!!!

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I have communicated with this company when I am going to be late on my loan. They then want to do an interest payment which I can not pay at the time either.

I have been 2 weeks behind. As soon as the payment is 2 days late they will call everday to see when you are going to make a payment. You can tell them and they will still call. Then they show up at your house all hours.

One morning at 7:45Am and another at 6:40 PM. They last time they showed up I had just talked to them about my paymenet. So communication does not work with them. I asked them do you want me to call you each week and they do not answer.

All they want to do is to refinance, like they would really do that since you've been late. Manager told me that she would not send any one down to my house anymore. LIAR, she has sent a guy down to my house every 3 weeks.

I have explained to them that we have been dealing with unemployment and they could really care less. It amazing they hound people like us but yet they had to get a government bailout!!!!Communication does not work with these jerks.

Keuruu, Western Finland, Finland #279349

I was a week late and told them I would bring my payment in on saturday they called everyday to make sure I was coming on saturday sooo.... I dont know it's hard now and thats frustrating to be constantly reminded that you are struggling even while your trying to pay:(


I'm sure if you paid your bills on time or communicated with the company this wouldnt be an issue.


I would recommend calling them to have the situation explained. I am fairly confident that there is a misunderstanding.

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