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I got an unsecured loan @ the American General Finance in Lancaster, CA. I purchased the unemployment insurance with them and of course I recently lost my job and had to file a claim with them.

There is 30 day waiting period before the insurance starts paying. Of course I was behind because I lost my job. They called several times and came to my house to ask about the payment and I reminded them that I was waiting for the unemployment insurance I purchased with them to pay. They told me I had to make that 1 payment immediately or they would take me to court for it.They would not even consider partial payments.

They also also called everyone that I used as a reference when I did not immediately call them back. I should have known they would cause trouble, even before I lost my job and was making regular payments they would call before the payment was even due to find out when I was going to make a payment or the payment would be a few days late and I would get a call from them. When I take them my unemployment stubs as proof for the insurance company they try to get me to apply for more money to defer payments. Even though their insurance is making payments , they still call and I have to remind them of my situation.None of the other creditors whom I have purchased unemployment insurance with has treated me this way, they have all been willingly to take partial payments until the insurance paid and I was caught up.

I am soo sorry I got this loan with them and I would advise anyone considering using them not to. They are more than willing to lend you money but you miss one day and they will relentlessly call you and harass you or show up at your home.

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I had a loan with a american general for about 2yrs going on 3. I recently lost my job and could no longer make payments on my loan, but i had insurance to cover that.

I call them up to let them know the situation. First, it takes a whole month to hear anything from them. Then finally when I do hear from them, they try and tell me that I voluntarily quit my job and i was not fired. First of all; my previous employer fired me and I never voluntarily quit.

I even showed them proof from my unemployment hearing which states numerous times that I was involuntarily discharged. Their excuse was that they called my employer and they said that i quit, which is a blatant lie, and the unemployment hearing forms prove it. So basically they called my employer and only got their side of the story and didn't even call me or the unemployment board to hear what really happened, seeing that the unemployment board did an investigation and ruled in my favor. Further more you can't get unemployment benefits if you voluntarily quit your job.

So i sent them all my paper work about the unemployment and the letter that i wrote to the unemployment board explaining my case. I am waiting to hear back from those slime balls.

With all the proof i have showing that i was involuntarily discharged they better not try anything. I will fight this thing to the end.


I went to these people for a short term loan ($10K for 3 months) as a previous & well paying repeat customer with a very good credit rating. This time they want collateral.

OK, a $25K custom Harley chopper parked out side or a 98 Dodge 1 ton service, on both of them. WTF?! They don't take custom bikes & they say the work truck is only worth $2,500! WTF!???

I have never gotten so pissed off in such a short amount of time. They have lost a "good atanding" customer for life.

I wouldn't give them the *** I put in my toilet. *** them!


This story sounds very familiar. As a former employee, I would sell IUI thinking it really was a good thing.

After Hurricane Ike, the company did go out of its way to help people for one month (and one month only) many lost their jobs and let me tell you, that unemployment insurance sucks! I regret selling it to people. you have to wait so long and often times, it does not pay.

Also, I have seen that when a customer makes a partial payment while waiting for the insurance to kick in, the insurance will not grant the claim because the customer has displayed ability to pay on the loan!!! What a freaking rip-off!!!


I understand what you are going through. I worked at a branch in Texas and all three locations in my city act just as you have explained.

They are *** I am very happy and proud to say I do not work there and never will again. I would rather give my left arm then work there again.

My advice is to tranfer your loan. I get as far away from that company.


Im sorry for your troubles, I actually work at a branch. This is really unheard of and the service you speak of is not very good.

I know with our IUI, we understand you are waiting on that and I do not understand why the continue to call you and your references. If we know we will get payment from IUI, we leave it at that. Once again, I am very sorry that they are doing that to you.

Good Luck! :)