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I am an ex employee of American general & all I can say is DON'T get any type of loan this company...I've been in the finance business for a while & a few days after i was hired I couldn't believe how this company's still in business they are big violators of the FDCPA a law that protects the customers.....even the managers there don't even know what they are doing or don't know how to treat people w/respect..especially the Inland Valley California offices.and for those of you out there American General has no legal right to go to your house for the payments, in which i was totally not up for when i was w/the company

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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I have been scammed by this company who stole $110.00 from me with promise of verifying monies I had and promising I would be receiving $600.00 in my account which the took the "verified" money and I received nothing. This company is a scam and should be taken down!!! Please help me in destroying this company so that no one else will get scammed again!!!!!!!!!


I have worked as a Branch Manger in Los Angeles at the Sepulveda Office in the past.

Here is a Honest review of this company. The Blogger of this Board Is entirely correct. The Trouble is He or She did not go far enough into specific Reasons why you should avoid this company.

With the Above said, Keep in Mind this Company is an Insurance company with a Consumer finance Lenders Law License.

The Goal of this Legal Loan Shark Once Based out of Evansville Indiana at one point or another, I suspect they may have changed this now.

There exists a Switch and Bait element they call Upselling.

They grant Loan with the sole intention of stuffing a $2,000 personal loan with Unwanted Insurance products Not limited to Insuring a New Born Baby to Fire and casualty Home owner or renters Insurances. So One walks in desperation into an Office to borrow $1500 and getting a check for $1540 with a starting loan balance of $3000, And No I am not kidding.

That Loan is pack with unnecessary over insurance premiums pack and stuffed into the loan.

The Manager's get a commission from this, I once received a Camera and a trip to Hawaii. The Loan closers are trained to dwarf the Borrower into the Illusion that, If they don't accept the Insurances packed into the loans there won't be any loan today for you. Look up he the term "quid pro quo" You will understand what is being said here

Surely they do this with great skill. They are trained, or they use Recruiters to hire individuals from other competitor companies already trained in this art form predator type loan closing and its concepts.

The Adverage Barrower would not even suspect this is the case. Many will View this company as a life saver, However Nothing of that is the case.

The Staff is trained to solicit more lending offers if the loan balance falls after 12 Payments to rewrite or refinance the original loan and Insurance premiums with More Insurance Premiums on top of the old loan packed with previous premiums with new ones added.

They Call and Harass you at work if you are 5 days late, if the office is staffed. They will Visit your home at dinner time to collect payments. Its Called Field collection calls. The Employees enjoy this becuase they file a expense report even though the company gives a pat on the back if the managers discourage that repor being actually filed but some gets through.

FOLKS READING THIS...IF YOU ARE STUFFED WITH INSURANCE PREMIUMS IN YOUR LOAN. CALL THEM AND CANCEL IT ASAP..The Premiums will be applied and process as a loan Payment, saving you a ton of head aches and reducing the Loan Balance, Just dont refinance no matter how great it seems.

I saw One comment about how this company lowered his payment due to Military Deployments. The Fact is he is screwed right out the gate because It is not reasonable expectations that a consumer is aware of the laws governing this topic, The Marvels of PACs..."Political Action committees" This industry collects fees from Employees to pay off Politicians to lobby to squash consumer lending practices beneficial to borrowers.

The loan Modification rendered to this Military Man, If only he knew the Loan will never be paid off if he pays the minimum payments on the due date for the duration of the loan.

2. They will pressure him into rewriting the loan at a point even giving him a cash advance of $600 if they have to

American General has thought of every possible scenario he and anyone can think of and they have installed policy and procedures to dupe an applicant.

Just Barrow money from Family and Friends, If you are Military type, Use the Credit Unions on base.

Even charity type organizations.


The way they treat the employees is just a tad bit better than the Borrowers.

Look arround employees who has worked for this company 8 yrs Plus ???

They want to get rid of you to reduce liability. ITS all about that "ROA"


list every debt on that financial statement at the loan closing.

God forbids you end up filing a bankruptcy during the course of you loan.....why????

American General will absolutely file a relief of Stay and appear at the meeting of creditors...I did when I worked there.

once you file a petition, they will order your schedule C and Schedule A...from he court and match it up against your original Financial statement and proclaim, they the Barrow committed Fraud.


You wont be getting that Bankruptcy to go thru right away. expct a call from your lawyer for more money to file and objection.

I can go on for days but you get the idea don't yah ??


I have had loans with american general for about 6 years, The branch managers and associates, have worked with me during the labor criss. I feel that the interest rate they charge is not fair to the customers and when I was deployed last year they did reduce my interest rate in accordance with the sailor soilder relief Act but they reported to the credit burea like I just refinianced my loan, which in turn hurts my credit rating. I would advise anyone seeking finichal assistance from this company to pay close attention to the interest rate and those with bad credit on average pay 17 23% interest with this company.


I have had a couple of loans with this company in Louisville, Kentucky, and never have had a problem. The people there have been great.


I have done business with American General for a very long time.Never had a minutes problem with them. Of course I paid my obligation to them in full,also I did not over obligate myself or my family.


They are total blood hounds. I lost my job and was making 6 figures and now down to $600 a week.

I am struggling, juggling and strategizing to make ends meet. They have NO MERCY whatsoever! They, too, showed up at my house and I fricken lost it. If they could, they would take your first born child.

They have some set on them considering WE, the tax payers, bailed their *** out. I really don’t believe they have any boundaries. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had portraits of Mr. Potter hung up all over their walls at headquarters.

Their managers are losers and rejects from reputable finance organizations.

Next I expect them to appear in a dark alley and beat the *** out of me to get their money. I have no happy ending and Clarence, sorry to say, you won’t be getting any wings in this movie.


What businesses do they do work with??

I would like to call all local businesses that use them and tell then that it is a huge mistake.

they are a very deceitful company and there is a place in *** for greedy people like them.