Salt Lake City, Utah

We have had a loan with AG for over 5 years now. It was a small loan that has been re-written multiple times which in turn has not really helped us pay off our debt. I am writing to let you know about one of your employees in the West Valley Branch. Carrie. She took over our account a couple years ago. We have gone through a rough time recently with a newborn in the hospital which in turn made us default on our load. We have a court date set up to settle our debt with AG however we will be paying off our debt before the actual court date. I am very dissatisfied in the treatment we have received while being in a hard time. Most American's are going through a hard time right now which is why I am writing this to you.

We have been continually hassled with phone calls and voice mails at least 3 times a week since we have been served papers. I don't know if this is policy, but it is annoying and I don't really know what else you would like us to do when obviously we can't do anything about our debt.

My husband received a phone call on 1/11/11. He answered the phone and it was Carrie. She was very rude to my husband. As he explained he would be paying off the debt in a couple of weeks before the court date, and he asked if he could be offered a settlement. Carrie told him no, and why would she offer us anything at this point (maybe to put money in your pocket???). She then continued to insult my husband and then she hung up on him.

Does American General treat all of their customers this way. In this day and age you will get further with common courtesy then being overbearing, harrassing, and plain rude to your customers. I thought I would let you know about this situation to avoid it happening to other customers. We have been dealing with this kind of behavior from most of the employees from the same office for almost a year and I find it unacceptable.

I am so excited to finally be able to pay our debt. I won't have to hear from the inconsiderate employess at American Genral anymore!

Ashley North

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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We paid what was due to initiate the release of our son's car, down in Tampa. The bank called today, 1/27/12, and left a message that American Finance was called and told to release the car.

When our son called them, they said that the paperwork had not been received. He called the bank, in Charleston, SC and they said that the paperwork had been sent, and the man who called us was at lunch until 1:30 p.m. (this call was made at 11:00 a.m.) When I called American, the woman Roxanne was extremely rude and uncooperative, telling me that they HAVE'NT received the paperwork. When our son called, she told him that he could not get the car until Monday.

He was told that they close at 12:oo p.m., although their recording (heard while being kept waiting on the phone) says that they are open from 8-6, Mon. thru Fri. ???!!! I called American back, after being left on hold for an eternity and the woman (not Roxanne) said snottily that you're on hold if she's on another line.

I inturn asked why don't you at least have the courtesy to let the caller know this, instead of keeping them hanging on the line. She rudely told me that that's the way it is and "I guess you just have to keep hanging!!" We've been jumping through these hoops for the better part of this week, between American and First Financial in Charleston.

We've complied with all their "demands" and now we're still jumping through their hoops and no car!! This is unprofessional, unacceptable and totally discourteous for those of us who are trying to do the right thing.


My wife and I took out a loan to pay off our car and a few smaller accounts to lighten our monthly load of bills. American General is who we went with because the amount of $$ going out monthly got us behind in our car payments and were about to lose our car while being only 6 payments away from owning.

As the loan helped out immensely, right around the time the economy was front page news my wife lost her job and was denied unemployment. Between recovering from surgery & struggling to find work my wife has been taking online college classes to get ahead when more jobs are available. Ag put us on a plan where we were only paying $50 a month but about $47 was going to interest, so we were basically buying time. Last week we received a voicemail from a ag rep requesting a callback, we put it off for a few days since my daughters birthday & sons fieldtrip took priority.

During this time, the rep managed to call several people looking for us including my wides mother, sister, and EVEN her ex fiancee! We returned the call only 3 days after the original message irritated enough at all the ppl who were contacted about our loan when it was none of their business, during the call the rep asked several personal and inappropriate questions to my wife. Like "why can't you find a job?" like she is dumb and can't find a job.....and can't you borrow money from friends or family? .....

If any of us had such resources, why the he'll would we need a loan!!!!!! & on top of that threatened to garnish my wages!

I do plan to pay off this loan with this years taxes & bonuses and plan to never do business of any kind with aig or ag ever again and will prevent any family & friends from doing the same! Thank you for reading & I hope everyone involved with this terrible company sever their ties soon.