Elmhurst, Illinois

I agree with what everyone has said. Have worked within American General for many many years and as an inside source I will let everyone know the truth.

Employees at American General get in trouble if they don't sell enough insurance on their loans...mainly because if they don't then their managers dont get their 4% and district managers don't get their 2%. BUT...if they sell too much insurance because they are forced too and someone complains then they are scamming and the managers and district managers aren't going to take the heat for it and many have been fired to cover up the truth. We are the first to call when you are paying on time or ahead to offer you more money but if you fall behind we are pounding on your door demanding payment or your car keys or threatening forclosure. We are sent into neighborhoods that are less than friendly with no protection or police awareness to demand payments.

The company is so concerned with getting their high interest the safety of it's employees is a far distant.

Stay away from doing personal loans with American General or any business that finances through American General. If you don't...good luck

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JonesJones your comment is proof that AGF is a horrible place to be apart of. Your comment of "at least be correct managers get 3.5% and DM get 1.75%"shows your ignorance.

Have you heard of rounding? Also calling your ex-coworkers scrubs, shows you are comfortable with insulting others.

And your comment "good luck I hope your unemployment works for you" lacks concern for the many people who are struggling today due to the economy. Some people have values and a heart for people - and don't want to screw over those who are in need.


I was a manager at AGF. DM told me I needed to "sell" more insurance.

Told him what if I don't. He said they would find someone who could. Asked him if they were gonna fire me if I didn't. He said he couldn't answer that.

Asked how long I had. Again, wouldn't answer. I quit several months later. Best move of my life.

I tried to treat customers with respect even when behind... but I wasn't going to "sell" them something they didn't want or need for the sake of company profits.


I just made a payment to their sorry *** last friday. They called everyone on my reference list today looking for another payment.

The last 3 I made never went through and they did not bother to tell me until today.

"Maam, if we do not get your payment by noon tomorrow, we will have to sue you." If I was really behind I could understand, give me a break! I could put off a house or car payment a whole lot longer than a week without a phonecall!


I worked for Agf and while there I was never pressured to sell ins. ANd at least be correct manager gets 3.5% and Dm gets 1.75%.......

I guess this is where scrub employee's who get fired go to complain. Anyway good Luck I hope your Unemployment checks work for u.


So truth! They are horrible to work for and even worse to do business with.


I worked at American General Finance as well for many years, and this is the truth every word !