Pocatello, Idaho

First off the manerger you have a very,very rude manager in the Pocatello office!I have been with American General for quite some time now and have never been treated the way this manager has.NOT only me but other coustermers.I've seen this when making my payment.I only went into see how much a small loan would incress my payment,I was I would have to full insurance coverage on the 94toyota.The insurance company told me that It just isn't worth doing,the coast would be high.I thencalled American General and told them to forget it. At this time I then ask him about the tital back to the 94 toyato as I was told on the loan begor that as soon as I paid $1000.00 on the loan I would get my tital back,well guess what,thats right I haven't got it back even tho I have brought it several times!!

At his time I will not do any more business with Ameracian General as long as he is there.I have not only received my tital back but he coast my credit rating to drop 2 points. NAME: Odell L.

Dye ADDRESS:636 Washington av. Pocatello, Idaho 83201 PHONE: 1-208-479-1335 ACCOUNT #032502142883

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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what do people think is going to happen when they don't make thier payments, I have a loan with spring leaf and have no problems.


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. You needed to pay $1k to release your collateral not pay $1k on your loan over the next year! Please learn how to spell before you write a comment!!!