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It's funny reading all of these reviews where people have been screwed over and lied to regarding paperwork and interest rates.

First of all, if you are going thru a finance company and not a credit union that more than likely means your credit is pretty *** to begin with, so all the comments where people are saying my payment wasn't even late-yeah I'm not buying it. American General does not even contact their customers until after five days late and only then do they do a courtesy reminder call, so being called before the payment was even due--yeah, I'm not buying that either.

American General is only open from 8am to 5pm, so being called at all hours of the night--wrong again.

As far as signing for one interest rate and getting another, why aren't you down at your American General Branch ranting to them, and getting it fixed, instead of ranting on some random website. If your are so displeased,and have gotten so screwed over, hey I don't know, maybe try refinancing with another company

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First of all, I have a loan with American General and YES they do call you the day before the bill is due and one the due date and YES if your bill is due on a Saturday you better believe they are going to call you and even at 8pm. I don't care what their hours are.

I bought a car through them in May of 07' and my first note was due at the end of June. On June 21st my life was turned upside down when my 3 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. We were back and forth 2 hours away from home with him in and out of the hospital for several weeks when my note came up due. To tell you the truth I wasn't even thinking about it at the time and when the lady called me ON my due date to remind me I thanked her for calling and appologized and told her that I would come in that weekend to pay because we were in the hospital with my son and told her what was going on.

She went on and on about how she could meet me to pick it up or come to my house late at night when I got home and that she NEEDED to get the payment right then. I told her several times I would come by or get someone to come by. Then she started asking why my family couldn't do it today. She did not get the fact that I was at the hospital with my 3 year old who had just come out of surgery and been diagnosed with Cancer.

I was more than willing to come pay the note when I got back in town but she kept on and on. I was very irritated. Ever since then I have been given a hard time when needed to be late and harrased. When I bought the car I never knew we would be going through something like this so it was unexpected.

NOW when I try to sell the car to get out from under the note because we just can't afford it with LOTS of medical bills and test that cost several thousand dollars every couple of months AG gives me a hard time. My husband goes IN the store with the person that is going to buy the car WITH the money to pay it OFF and get the title and they tell him they can't give him a total amount due because an online payment I made a couple of days before had not gone through their system and then proceeded to tell the person buying the truck they could not get the title and it would be mailed after I was told over the phone once paid in the store they would hand over the title then started telling us how and what we couldn't do with transfer of title when they have NOTHING to do with a title transfer. All they had to do was take the money and pay it and give us the title. SO my buyer leaves and DOES NOT buy the truck because of all these ladies in the office and wouldn't just do what they were supposed to do.

NOW we still have the truck. THANKS A LOT AG!!! I am so mad I don't know what to do. NOW tell me AG is the best company to work for and you are proud of it.

I DON'T THINK SO. you people make me sick!!!!

Thanks for helping us struggle a little more as if our son being sick was not enough!! :(


Pay back the money you CHOSE to borrow on the contract YOU signed. Doesn't seem complicated boneheads....


I'm so sick of hearing about all these poor people with high interest rates. They should take responsibility and pay their bills.

If the rate is too high, why sign the *** contract? Yeah we're in a recession but i'm paying my bills.

i took a pay cut. idiots.


Please do us all a favor and learn to spell.






...also last I checked AGF only had a few hundred complaints at the BBB..hello they have tens of thousands of customers. Pay your *** bill and shut up.


Yeah, so you work for American General? Just because someone chooses to go thru a finance company DOES NOT MEAN that their credit is *** That is biased.

American general makes their rules up to suit them, not the consumer. Its not THAT they have a couple complaints, its HOW MANY consumer complaints they have. Pull their BBB reports, That'll explain their business ethics. Its in black and white, read some of the consumers horrer articles on how american general has screwed so many american familys out there, plus, its during a resession.

Ha, they'll get what they have coming to them, then, you can get on here and commit on your article, and say, Im sorry, maybe they did like screwing consumers.. they are a bunch of theives....