Kissimmee, Florida

buyout recently when, infact, he terminated with AIG about 10 years ago. He claims American General has recently been sold and they're settling up with previous employees.

Is this true? Would very much appreciate knowing situation as he claims he's coming into almost six figure $$$.

The reason for my need to know is because our mother just died in October and left me with only $100 while her Will states my brother gets remaining $$$ which he claims she only had $14,000 in bank and I'm wondering if he's lying about this buyout and perhaps mother had more than he's admitting which would cause me to get lawyer and contest her will and he knows this and therefore is he lying to me about buyout. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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YOU have no idea what you're talking about, you don't know anything about our family dynamics. I hope when you lose a parent and your siblings get everything and you nothing that you are as nice and special as I am and still talk to your siblings who got it all.

FYI, I, the loving person that I am, let it go and my brother and I are closer than ever because our narcissistic mother is dead, we are relieved, and she therefore can't play us against each other anymore like she always did. Her not being fair with her money was her last attempt to cause trouble between my brother and me.

I happen to have a wonderful and successful husband of 23 years (my mother was jealous of this) who adores me as I do him, who financially supports us very well, so I don't need her money. What I needed all my life from my mother, and never got it.....was LOVE!


you should not have to explain yourself to anyone. and i'm glad you two have gotten closer.


what is wrong with you your mother is dead and your crying over her belonging and what she wanted to do with them. It's none of your business what was in her account or how much your brother makes.

No court will even grant you a motion based on those grounds it was her money not yours. Get a job if you don't know how to use the quite of bit of money she did leave you.

@What is wrong with you

actually, a court would take this case because it is her business. i knew someone going through this and they got more then what they originally did.

its her business to see whats on the will so she knows she was done right.and to know if it was changed. don't be so hateful.