Buffalo, New York

I paid off a personal loan from this company over 3 years ago. I was assured it would be removed from my credit score.

Now that I need it gone to get a home loan these Bastards still have this black mark on my record. Any attempt to contact them is futile. I call the 1800 number and get a thank you goodbye dial tone. How nice i did what i had to do to pay my debt.

They have done nothing to help me in anyway at all. what kind of company takes your hard earned money to pay off a loan and leaves you to pay more. in this day and age where its so hard for good people to buy a home. How dare they do this to someone who did the right thing.

Stay away from this company.

They practice shady deals. American General Finance will *** over 6 ways from sunday

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I talked to the ppl who do my credit checks at scoresenseonline. its 10$ a month and they will help you get it off . pretty much you just make a dispute right there on there sight then they send them a letter and if they dont respond with a letter back in 30 days they will automatically be taken off by the credit bueros because they figure if its not important for them to respond back then it doesnt need to be on you credit , hopefully that helps you out


American General is a high risk lender....they essentially operate like a giant collection agenecy. Expecting them to do the right thing is a serious mistake.

You will need to contest the debt at the level of the credit bureaus. However, most likely you will need to raise certain evidence and file Federal Complaints in order to solve this problem. Since you are seeking full release of the debt and want the trade line erased, it is a more complex issue.

We handle very complex credit repair issues at our firm. Feel free to call us at 877.297.7011 or visit www.Fresh-Start.co