Cocoa Beach, Florida

My elderly parents were in need of a refinance on the home they had lived in for 15 years after some business investiments went bad. Unfortunately, they went to American General Finance in Roswell, Georgia.

Things went okay until my father changed jobs and came up a short on a couple of the monthly payments. American General began a campaign of phone harrassment followed by random "drop-in" home visits by a representative. I was shocked when my parents showed me the contract they had signed with AGF. Shame on them!!

The terms were outrageous, and they would not renegotiate these terms. Then the threats of foreclosure began.

These vultures even called my on the day I buried my dad and asked if I would just take a moment and talk with them about me catching up my parents account! They foreclosed on my mom six months after my dad's death.

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actually we had a loan through them and we got the insurance on credit life disability and iui and it was almost a 500.00 premium and now we r taking them to court because they refused to let us file a claim on the insurance which we paid a premium. this company is so tacky and underhanded.


LadyScot - you seem to have missed two points the writer made. The parents were ELDERLY and they only FELL SHORT on a couple of payments.

I seems that they were not trying to get out of paying their mortgage however a little patience and maybe some compassion would have been nice from this lender.

Obviously the timing was bad when they attempted to speak to the writer as their father was being laid to rest. Being in the industry and dealing with lenders on a daily basis, I can tell you with certainty that you are giving the lender far too much credit.


Why do people expect compassion from a business?? Get it from your mama.

That is what she is there for.

Expect a business to want you to actually honor the debt you agreed to. I heard it said once and I agree wholeheartedly: Contracts ONLY become unfair when the BUSINESS is benefiting.


*** shut up. No business should be able to profit through cheat _& lies. I knos thag contracts r to be honored when u r not taking advantage of someone ignorance or by lies or eyv.


It is a business. You sign a contract and you honor it.

If you can not honor your contract, then deal with the consequences.

How many people on here who complain about this would be so forgiving if the company owed them the money and was 'short on a couple payments". NOT a *** one.


They became vultures when your father could not pay and they wanted their money? Seriously? When your father needed a refinance they gave him one and got him out of the hole. Of course they want to be paid. And how the heck would they know you buried your father?

Unless your name is on the loan documents they cannot speak to you anyway. Perhaps your parents should have taken out the insurance or made arrangements for the dissolution of the debts in the event of their deaths.

A financial institution is a business, and when you borrow, you either pay back or you get collected.


You have some valid points, but Companies like Springleaf/American General have very high interest rates and can be predatory lenders. :roll