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I am unemployed for 1 year now and am doing pretty good with bills. Only 2 months behind on most.

Talked to AMG and they know my situation but they still call all the time and showed up at my door today wanting a post dated check, which they did not get. Pretty bad when they don't care whether you eat or have a roof over your head. If your payment is not there on due date they call and harass every day after that until they get money. They have even called an out of state relative saying they needed to call them right away.

But to show up on your door step is pretty sad.

Will never borrow from them again. I feel sorry for others worse off than me who they harass.

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AGF is ridiculous! My acct is current, I even call two weeks ahead of time to schedule the next withdrawal date.

Why are these fools calling me asking when I will be making a next payment? Do they even read their own notes?

Three people from their office called within a weeks time. GET IT TOGETHER!!!


First off if your unemployed for a year your probably worthless for not finding a job yet. I can guarantee you won't borrow from them again b/c they would be foolish to lend you money sense you obviously can't be held accountable for it.

Take responsiblity for yourself and quit blaming everyone else for your problems. Bottom line, if you borrow money people expect you to pay them back- its a finance company, not a charity.


When you willing sign a contract to do business you cannot at your whim whine,complain and make excuses because you fail to perform! Most of you AG customers were glad (surprised) that someone was willing to even give you a loan and the reason you pay so much is because you are so high risk & require collection activity to just keep you going until repo(many of you wont ever payoff)so ask yourself would you extend a written promise to pay to yourself & many of you would not give a loan to yourself if you had any hope of being paid back as promised. Stop whining and get an education instead of whining all the time of why people are always ripping you off;as you always have the option not to sign the deal if & when one is offered.


This is to all the deadbeat,excuse laden customers who always have an excuse as to why this/that/& the other didnt happens as promised. I was out of work for over a year w/o u/e or any income other than what I created by being creative,resourceful & committed to paying my bills ontime.

I never looked for reasons why not or excuses of why I couldnt; I just found a way to do what needed to be done w/o going to jail or ***! I never once thought of any illegal or immoral means to earn money. And I also have never had a collection call, repo, foreclosure,eviction...and I enjoy the best rates, job offers and deals that responsible credit worthy people earn because they've proven you find a way;whatever is before you! If your outlook is to always look for reasons why you can't then you never will & will forever be relegated to the subprime,rent to own,bankruptcy,unemployed life that you have & will always have.

I've worked with the subprime borrower for years from the min.wage earning GED-er to the 6 figure earing advanced degree holder(s)and the common thread is the "financial mindset" or in simpler terms your outlook on finances. Recognize & then go about the way of changing your mindset then your financial life will change for the better.





What happens if you can not make payments anymore?? Do they take you to court??

What happens then? Has anybody gotten to this point?


I have had a lot of problems with AGF. I was told I HAD to have a double payment during one call, and then only a week later that they need one payment?

The one problem with that is once they "repo" the vehicle (and this is sad, my van is only worth 850 USD)You HAVE to pay the HUGE repo fee too, not just the amount you owe AGF.

At this point they want me to pay $361 in repo fees plus another $466.00 You do the math! ;)


It's interesting to know that since u can't make ur payments you'll go ahead and strip down the car to make life harder on American general. I mean wouldn't that just hurt u more?

I don't know too much about banking and finance but can't they then sue you for a deficiency in a form of a money judgement? Why would you want to have that on your credit for 7 yrs. I'm sure they will work with you, I had the same situation happen to me with another lender and I called cause I knew I owed them money and gave them my situation. They understood and were taking partial payments about 75 dollars then then the regular payment they advised me they would accept that amount but eventually when I was able to I would need to catch the account up and I did once I got a job.

I mean I know I owed them money and I wanted to keep my car. I was in a temporary situation but once I was working again I caught up. I'm sure they repoed your car because you choose not to meet them half way. It was hard when I was without work but I was responsible about it.

Called my lenders to advice the situation. I mean now days u have to have good credit to get hired anyways you might want to think about that.

And you shouldn't be too upset they went to ur house I'm sure it's disclosed on the note agreement somewhere that they can try and collect that way. You shouldn't be upset at the fellow he is just doing his job so that he is able to provide for his family because I'm sure if they didn't try and collect the money owed they wouldn't be in business anymore


If an AGF employee showed at my front door,i would tell them leave,if they did not .. They would be Arrested for Trespassing..

I guarantee it will happen ..

Plus all you people having problems with AGF,you did to start recording the conversions with,either if its phones or in person..Its called protection for you to use against them .. Do it you will surprised on what happens ..When you use it against them..AGF just plain SUCKS !!


Dryan -I'm sorry to hear your unemployed, but you were offered Unemployment Insurance at the time of your loan which you obviously declined. The fact of the matter is you borrowed money and used your car as collateral.

The money is expected to paid back on time regardless of your situation. If your not paying on time we need to protect our company and get our collateral back to minimuze our losses. Let me ask you if you were struggling so much then how did you come up with the money needed to redeem your auto all of the sudden? It must have been at least 2 payments and reposession fees.

It's amazing to me how customers can say they have no money, but when we take our collateral back they somehow come up with the money the next day!!!

FYI, I do feel good about my paychecks and I enjoy who I work for. It's people like you who think their owed something that make my job hard.


Rokthr- No Agf needs to grow up. REAL business's dont lie to their customers.

Yeah, I was behind on my payments, but, they shouldn't of told me they would "work" with me and "not" take my vehicle. In order to obtain employment to pay your bills, you kind of need a vehicle to "transport" yourself to and from work. Plus, they shouldn't of stole *** from my truck. Oh, and I did file numerous complaints against them, and they lied their way out of it.

So, that's why many of us pissed off customers of American Ripoff General are looking into a class action, so they dont continue this childish behavior.

If I were you, I'd feel pretty bad that my paychecks were made from ripping off us american citizens.. YOU should grow up and get a real job.


Dryan - You need to grow up. Your car was repossed for a reason.

Which means you weren't making your payments AGF does not personally reposess your car it is assigned to a Reposession company. If things were supposedly stolen from your car by the repo company a complaint should have been filed. In order to redeem your car you must pay all past due amount, reposession fees and any fees associated at the storage yard.

They cannot legally charge you more than we were charged for the reposession. Make your payments on time and there won't have to be a next time


Yeah, I have a loan thru agf, they repoed my vehicle that I used on my personal loan as collateral. They lied to me about the total amount needed to regain possession of my vehicle, STOLE personal items from my vehicle, plus gave me a craker-jack reciept that explained why the "lied amounts" were different.

Thats ok though. Im currently putting them to the test, and when they come to pick up my vehicle again, they might want to bring a flat bed truck, because they won't be able to tell that my vehicle is a vehicle......And they thought they were the smart ones.

Ha, some of us consumers don't forgive and forget... Have a great one agf.


I work for AGF, too. I really feel sorry for customers that lose their jobs, but as the other employee said earlier, we offer IUI (Unemployment Insurance) on loans which is extremely beneficial in this matter.

Put yourself in AGF's loaned the money to the person in good faith he/she will pay you back. If they don't, you would expect them to keep in touch with you on the payment status and would work with them as much as you could. If they didn't keep in touch, you would have to see what is up and why they are avoiding contact. AGF is not a bad company and is only doing what a finance company does best.

AGF never will contact you as long as you keep in contact with them, unless it is regarding another matter. They go to your house when you don't return phone calls and they call numbers from the reference sheet typically when all else fails.


Won't be a next time!!!!!


I work for AGF right now and I feel for you losing your job, but we did offer you unemployment insurance when the loan was signed. You obviously declined the insurance.

Which is your right, but why is it now our fault you can't make the payments.

You borrowed money and it should be paid back. Maybe next time you are offered insurance you may think twice.


When I get back to work I will, but I should not have to repeat the same stuff over and over to them. Yes I have answered there calls!!!!

Not my problem they don't understand ENGLISH. Unemployment only goes so far.


I used to work there and the only time they call relative references or go to your house is when they call you 20 times for collection and you never call them back. That might be your problem. Pay your bills on time, I do and never have people show up at my door.