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We financed our car with American General, which is now Springleaf Auto Finance. My payment is due the 27th of each month.

Since I am a teacher and only get paid the last day of each month, my payment is always a few days late. The day I paid my bills this month, I could not contact anyone at Springleaf (phone would ring then go to a busy signal), so I hadn't paid them yet but was planning on doing so in the next couple of days. Yesterday, a representative from Springleaf came by my house demanding payment and gave us a letter saying the car would be repossessed if payment wasn't received by the 19th. Bear in mind, this payment was only 13 days late!

I have never heard of such a thing.

Is it even legal to repo a car that is less than 30 days late? We made a payment, but I strongly urge others to NOT do business with these loan sharks!

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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I been outta of work since may and I been giving them some thing every month $200 not the full payment somehow I'm still behind one payment and the nxt one is due on the 15th they said there coming to get my car . They have no consideration I just got back to work and they don't care they want $660 or nothing


I have a loan with Springleaf Financial. They are very quick to report to your credit but have always been understanding and willing to work with me when there are issues for me.

Maybe it depends on the state and the people working at the branch. I am not defending them as being a great loan company but I have had an OK experience with them.


Nice try Springleaf. That's right just rip this customer a new one that will make you look good NOT!!

GREEDY GREEDY GREEDY that's all companies like that will ever be. May whoever wrote all that *** about serves you right suck on their own piece of TRUTH and default on everyone of their loans. Does no one else here see right through them as the scam artists they really are. Do you really think that treating customers in such a fashion is good for business?

Those who treat their customers as decent human beings rather than assuming they are cheap bums will last longer and be seen as respectable in the business world.

Springleaf is the bottom feeder of all finance companies and any further retort to this TRUTH shall be seen for what it really is!!! HYPOCRITE


I think the answer lies in your own comments. You said you always pay at the end of the month.

13 days later it could be thought that your not going to pay until the end of the next month and you would be 2 payments past due.

note: default is defined by different states. In SC you are in default on the 11th day you are past due.


To think clearly people,

There are many ways to get a hold of Springleaf if the branch I not answering, via Internet , there home office, or mail . You can make pmts online to so them not answering is not a "good" reason for you being late, and that's weird that your payment is due the 27th because they can't set dates after the 20th, plus I bet that office has 4 workers and over a thousand accounts , try answering every phone call, when everyone is dealing with a customer either on the phone or in office!


Is it just me or does anyone else think that the people saying "you should have paid your bill" probably either work for this idiotic company or work for another company similar to them. Why come to a website like this to simply defend the loan company.

Everyone goes through hardships and has been late on a payment in their life. If you haven't be thankful as you will at some point. We has humans need to be understanding and also hold these loan companies accountable for offering loans to individuals that obviously were in financial trouble to begin with. The loan default rates are designed in a way to benefit the load company or credit card company.

In some instances if you miss one payment your could default and have your rate jump to something astronomical like 29%. Those are worse rates then a loan shard or the mafia would offer. Now again, these higher rates and horrible default penalties are through loans given to people that are already in fanancial hardship.

So, in way it's a racket as they know these people will default and at times even count on this. The responsibility is with the companies and the laws that allow them offer such horrible loans.


He did say he was late every month he did not omit that fact. Simply move the due date to the 3rd of each month ... problem solved...


I do believe they stated they paid their bills....but teachers get paid at the end of the month.....not on a certain date....and if they tried to call in a is that them not paying their bills? Easy to try to condemn them without knowing them....and if you work in education you would also know that your days usually can last long into the evening, so it isn't like they could just run in.....think before you speak!


Late is late - you had 30 days to make a payment. You didn't so it's no longer yours to use.

Maybe pay your bills?