I obtained a "rush" mortgage loan from American General and did not realize I paid $10,100 in closing costs - with a 9.6% interest rate! I paid $1,320 each month on time for over 2 years.

I owed property taxes and they just added the amount to my loan - no agreement with me - and increased the loan by $300 per month. I lost my contract, obtained another job for almost half the salary. I tried to modify the loan with them in Feb.

and they rejected it. I cannot make the whole payment so balance jumps with interest.

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I have been seeking a modification for the past 7 months due to a loss of income. They wouldn't take the mofication application until I started kicking and sceaming.

They took it then promptly denied it based on my GROSS income. They never considered debts.

They took stimulus funds, but are not trying to help the public. Be warned about this company.


loan dice 1 works for american general.....




when you type this you sound like an ***. 9.6% interest well heck you were o.k paying that and signing the loan docs.

You should not be suprised at this point you have had it for 2yrs. Only thing I see is that you did have a good job previously and you bit off more than you could chew, and didnt think about the "what if"? you make it sound like things happend that you was unaware of. come on that just makes you look really dumb.

1st mtg they can modify 2nd mtg they can do a cure agreement. if you have a 2nd mtg, and your income has been cut in half they will not do a cure agreement. a cure agreement is suppose to get you up to date, but if the money isnt there it will not happen.

With the 1st mtg, how far are you behind? If i was you, stop paying everybody else and pay your house payment, heck rent it out.

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