american general has promissed to change my mothers mortgage payments to afixed rate my mother became divorced in2008 and my stepfather had aloan on house thats floating currently at 11.5 percent but can go as high as 15 percent and in seperation agreement he was to keep current but let go into foreclosure she was unemployed at the time but me and my brother came up with the 3 payments and have kept payment current our credit is in poor shape but american general has promissed to refinance toa fixed rate and give us around 5000 to catch up back taxes the property is woth around120,000 and balance is around 55,000 they brian and janet at american general in forest city nc are so full of *** it is unbelievable this has been going on for 6 months and they are always working on it they will work with you until they get your money then your screwed paul wilson

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