Conyers, Georgia

This company is ripping people off. This has been the biggest mistake I have ever made; borrowing money from this company. I want to file a law suit against this company. I borrowed 5,000 in 2007, the payments of $237, in 2009 my payment dropped down to $150 a month. My balance as of today is 2,500 now as today. When I asked them about it, they said the interest rate is very high, and it might take me longer to pay it off. They need to be sued and closed down. Someone needs to investigate this company.

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Sounds like you requested and got a payment reduction but the rate remained the same. Interest bearing loans acrue interest on the balance each month and you had $87 less going toward the principle each month. Unless you request a rate reduction it could take you longer to pay off the loan.


my friend is starting a class action suit against agf aka springleaf. if interested you can contact me at


:p :sigh :zzz :( :cry :?


What was the intrest rate & terms of the loan?


Did you not check out the interest rate before signing and getting the loan. It is your responsibility to look into that.

If you did not, then it is your own fault. :x