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Shut this company down. They lied and tricked me about the terms & type of mortgage loan.

They change the dates & terms on loans at closing, as if I knew earlier. I've paid this company over 14,000 in re-finance fee's for 2 mortgage loans. A year ago, they promised to lower my payments, but now they only want to collect and raise finance charges. I asked to modify my loan and they said that saving me money would not help.

How ***! The govt. should manage our loans, cause American General is aweful! I paid my mortgage anyway, so I dont go into bankruptcy.

Now, they show up at my door just to collect. Im trying to prevent a bankruptcy, but this company is not interested. The interest rates and payments are too high. I thought I was getting a mortgage, but I'm making them rich at the cost of my home.

Someone should stop banks who do line of credit mortgage loans like this one.

Who can bail me out of this very bad credit line company? Stop give this bank any bail-outs and bail-out consumers with a flat 4% interest rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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All of you calling people that borrowed from American General *** and idiots I guess are financial gurus.I'd be willing to bet you have NEVER made a bad financial decision and always have been and always will be better at it than most.Good for you but having been cussed out over the phone by an American Crackhead Finance employee when I lost my job 3 years ago "This is ***king bull **it!!" to be exact and my wife was called and cussed out and not even on the loan I drew the line.I decide fine sue me because they are not getting another red cent from me.Sick and tired of people who claim everyone else is an ***,they know everything and never make mistakes, nothing ever goes any way but right for them because they are just that dam* good so just like American General go to ***.They are shady and true loan sharks and I'd be willing to bet that you probably work for them or an affiliate and that makes you the *** :zzz


well bud you shouldnt have been looking at her ***. and you should have been reading the fine print. Wow your just to common ***


You should read your docs at closing and if you don't then you're the ***. Also, ask questions!!!Especially if your home is on the line.

How could you sign docs without knowing everything or even asking for a payment schedule.

How much is going to interest? Don't blame the branch managers because they are doing their jobs to AGF standards.


if they tricked you, you really have to be dumb. The interest rate is on your loan docs.

If you didnt like the loan you could have gone to another lender. When you get a loan you always pay the interest first.

Nothing is free. They didnt trick you, you tricked yourself dumb ***


I use to work for AGFS. I cant believe what all of you are saying.

Its absolutely TRUE. AGFS is the biggest bunch of *** i have ever worked for. No need to worry, I believe in karma, and AGFS is now getting what they deserve, with huge charge off rates and losses due to REO properties.

Hahahahahahahaha, thats what you get. Ohhh by the way, I hope that the government goes to AIG or AGFS front door to collect the money that they owe the taxpayers, because thats what they make their employees do (go to consumers homes to collect payments)


This should be a last-resort company to get a loan, especially something as long term as a mortgage. They use rules of 78 on their loans, which means you pay the interest first.

I got a title loan from then when I was not in great financial shape and I paid the loan off two months later.

The two payments I made for two months totalled 300 dollars, and 280 of it was interest. Go elsewhere for your money.


I don't feel like anyone getting a loan with AGF is an ***. They are very good at doing predatory lending, and are very deceptive.

The branch managers for the most part are the idiots for #1 working for such a shady company #2 they don't know *** about mortgage loans #3 they don't give a *** about any of their customers. I have been lied to, deceived, threatened, and cussed by an employee of AGF and I am not saying all employers are this way, but the ones that I have had to deal with in the business I work in are very unprofessional and have a lack of training in the profession. They are more interested in putting money in their pockets.

AIG and AGF are so broke they are using very unethical collection practices and am fed up with them. Hopefully the government will come down hard on their unethical lending practices and their crazy spending sprees, that most American people are pi**ed off about.