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My husband and I; got a LOAN, from "American General Financial Services" here, in Longmont (Colorado), a couple of years ago. We did the three (3) year, payback plan.

In the meantime, we got LIFE INSURANCE; with them, as well. We later, found out; on that, one, should something happen, to one of us; the other, would not; be entitled to any of it, in any way.

They; also; took our car title, and changed it, to their name, and; did not ask us, if; they could do that, at all. We were, not offering, to sell them, our car.

We paid off the three (3) year LOAN, earlier, than expected. They; did not, like that; at all. We almost, lost our car title. And, when we paid that off, we thought, we had; done good, paying it off; early.

We tried to get another one. (Which, we could have, paid off, even quicker; and they said, absolutely, not. I think; they were upset; when, they could not, keep the car. And; I have been, getting TONS, of E-mails; from their head office, asking; if, we want a LOAN.

But; we do not. Not after; the treatment, we got, from the Longmont Office.

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They didn't 'take' your title to get the loan you probably had to put it up for collateral, at that time they would transfer the title to them so if you defaulted on the loan they would be able to sell your car for a portion of the defaulted loan. In no way shape or form did they want your car.

Finance companies that repo cars don't make any money off of them at all. Finance companies don't like you to pay off loans early because they lose interest when you do.

If you told them you didn't want to do business with them in the future and no longer want to receive solicitation calls or mail just call them and tell them to put you on there Do Not Solicit list. They will do it no problem.

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