Vancouver, Washington

I have had loans with American general for the last 3 years. It seems that times are hard for everyone!

I took my cash pmt in last month some time around there lunch break and the only one in the office @ the time could not give me a receipt (Because he did not no how to retrieve it from the account!!

he said his co-worker would be back from lunch in about 30 min and i could come back then for it if I wished. Well dumb *** me walked out and said no problem, and walked away thinking it will be on the statement. As luck would have it. GUESS WHAT!

The money never was put on the account and no one knows anything. and of course now there looking for two pmts and or my collateral. Now get this anyone who is even one day late gets a barrage of degrading phone calls asking when pmt will be made.. I never received one call as to any problems until it was ready for repossession...

These people have also did the interest rate bait and switch on me also... to many Horrors to list. I just wish our own government and law makers would protect us from these legalized extortionist like these.

Most of us are hard working God fearing people who have nothing, other than the will to work and the desire to a better life. (Believe Me This Is Not The Way!!!!!

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Number 1, I wouldn't have left cash and not got a hand written receipt..which every AGF branch has.....I know, I used to work for them.

Number 2, in states where points can be charged on consumer loans, your interest rate and your apr will be different because of the points. This should have been reviewed in loan closing. If you are like any of the many loans I closed, you weren't paying attention during the loan closing and didn't listen. Be proactive about your finances!

If you look further into your loan document, on page 3 or 4, it will list the apr, and that probably matches your bill...if they do not, then take your statement, your loan docs and go in and show them. If you dont' get anywhere with the branch manager, ask for the district manager's #. If you don't get anywhere, then contact HQ.

The company does conduct audits..constantly... I've been through them... plus they are audited by each state they operate in once a year at least.

And depending on what type of loan you have, if you have a mortgage loan, either 1st or 2nd mortgage, and you are on an adjustable rate, then it is very possible that your rate is different now than it was at loan closing.


APR expresses other things (like orgination fees) as a rate... so a loan with an interest rate of 15% can have a higher APR.

But yeah... NEVER pay cash without getting a receipt.


I'm really struggling to understand the motive behind this poster's responses. They don't sound particularly affluent, possibly someone who could find themselves in the very same situation.

Why would they want justice to not be served despite the fact that they feel the original poster doesn't pay their bills.

A self hater maybe? I'm just curious...


Why would you pay in cash and not get a reciept? You are truly a ***...


I know how deceiving AGF is with their sloppy paperwork and unethical practices, I would encourage anyone to contact their Attorney General in their state and the Indiana Attorney General and file a complaint. The more complaints the better chances of AGF being investigated


you have rate on money and then you have apr. Its all in your loan docs, you only fulled yourself. You should be the one kicking yourself in the ***


Don't trust a word they say. On my loan paper says i'm paying one inerest rate on the statement it is another. Guess what not a thing you can do unless you have money for a lawyer..