Houston, Texas
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She keep calling from that texas branch everyday. I told her I pay when can and she keep calling.

she blocks them calls. My 100 dollar check bounced and she told me i to pay them and bank. she went to bank and took my money off my accownt. Then she said i owd 25 more of my money to pay for thecheck.

she is mean and hung up on me. she wont quit callin my work and bothering me. I told her off and I put her in her place.

she still keep callin me everyday. get a life

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I don't know what planet you live on OK12345, but clearly it isn't Earth based on the incoherent post you made. If you are 6 years old and still learning how to write then I apologize. Maybe instead of credit score people should take an IQ test before they take a loan out because I don't think you can just "I pay when can and she keep calling." Thats not how it works here on planet Earth.


:) American General, what can I say. I am responding the blog about the man that has to pay other fees because of a NSF.

It is illegal for any company to accept postdated checks, this company uses this practice all the time.

Again, if you read your agreement you will see that the only fee they charge is 15 and many banks will charge you by the amount. Now, the best way to deal with this company is making your payments cash only!!


:eek Read your agreements!!! If you don't read, you will pay!

I have seen this many times, people don't like to read. All you have to be concerned with is how much you will end up paying, and make sure to pay off the loan earlier. Remember that everytime you Rewrite a loan, and this is a well common practice with this company, you will again pay at the highest of the amortization table. In other words, if you refinance your loan, you will save a couple of payments, but you will go backwards many months.

If your mother does not lend you money, then American General is a good resource for hard cash! Also, this company will lend you money if you have collateral.


poor poor you, cant you get a pay day loan?

kenny d

*** no those people who bought more house then they can afford want the tax payers to pay for them and we will with obama,s help, bull-***


Pay your bill deadbeat