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In 2005 my wife and I took out a title loan with AGF and we also purchased the insurance to cover the loan in case one of us became disabled. At the time I was the only one working and became disabled, so we filed a claim to have the insurance kick in, and we thought there would be no problems as we never heard from AGF.

During this time my wife and I had to file bankruptcy, and we did include AGF in the bankruptcy, but we didn't contact them about doing a reaffirmation agreement on the loan, because the insurance company was paying on the loan so we let them continue to pay on the loan. So move ahead to April or May 2010 when we we were told by an AGF employee that the loan would be paid off in July. One month after we received a letter from the insurance company telling us they were finished payng on the loan as the contract period was complete,

They told us we still owed money on the account, but not one person at the AGF office were we got the loan could tell us how it was we owed the money all they could tell us is that the money was owed. The manager couldn't even tell us how much money was paid to them by the insurance co., which I find interesting because both the insurance co.

and AGF are owned by the same co. in Evansville, Indiana. After a couple of months of going back and forth with AGF, I called Merritt insurance and got the payment schedule and found the payments that were missed and why. I asked why AGF could not have told us that years ago and that keep using the excuse of the bankruptcy, so now they want us to pay on 2 missed payments plus 4 plus years of interest.

The people at the AGF office don't care about our financial situation.

So if there is a AGF employee reading this PLEASE HELP us to get rid of the interest on the loan or even better have the loan written off. PLEASE HELP.

Product or Service Mentioned: American General Finance Loan.

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Most likely the 2 pmts that the insurance company (Merit life not Merritt Life)are for 2 months prior to your disability which you would have been responsible for but since you filed BK and did not reaffirm with AGF then AGF cannot legally ask you to pay them....during your Bankruptcy AGF legally cannot contact you regarding your acct but if you contact them they can answer your questions. I hope this might help clear up any questions you had.


Hmm... the insurance company was to pay the loan due to a disability...

and missed 2 payments? OK... You filed for Bankruptcy and included AGF as a creditor and did not reaffirm with AGF. That being the case, AGF, should kiss you, as they were most likely wiped out in the Bankruptcy.

However a 3rd party (the insurance company), continued to pay the debt outside your bankruptcy. It looks like AGF received the money owed less a couple of payments, which was a gift to AGF.

I'd say you owe nothing..

but to be sure, contact the Bankruptcy Trustee you handled your case and ask him or her if you own AGF or not. If not be sure to let him know AGF is trying to extort funds from you.


You had an insurance company make pmts on your loan while you filed bankruptcy and you're complaining that they didn't pay the entire loan off?! If you didn't like the interest rate on the loan then why did you agree to the terms at the time you signed the contract?!

You filed bankruptcy and are complaining about having to repay a loan. You are what is wrong with America!

@the fr

Really. AGF was the biggest ripoff,loan pyramid scheme in America.

They preyed on people having financial troubles. Somebody waves money in your face what do you think will happened? You have children and bills piled up. My father died before he slap the check in the branch managers face.

I paid them off so we didn't lose two homes. Maybe this person sees what crooks AFG are!