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American General Finance in Hillsboro, OR, has been very helpful in the past. However,the personnel at the branch became extremely defensive when my wife called and stated that our payments were to be on the 20th as the loan officer had agreed to as that has always been the due date on our loan.

Buck, the branch manager, put my wife, Susan, on the speaker phone so that

everybody in the office could hear the conversation. He stated that all of his accounts are due on the 15th. The loan officer also said we could get a loan elsewhere.

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I am an employee of an AGF branch in another state. Branches should be able to extend the due date to the 20th without a problem, but each state has different lending laws which could also regulate due dates of loans.

I am sorry you are having a problem with that branch and they are acting very unprofessional. You may call the branch back and ask for the District Manager's contact information if you feel you need to contact him/her if you would rather not talk to Buck. Typically, this will put a fix to the problem fast.

Also, as a side note...due dates typically cannot be customized when you first receive a loan.

Due dates can only be changed after your first payment is made and must be requested in writing by you in the office. This is also a state-regulated law in most states.


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Just pay on the due date your signed contract discloses... Doesn't seem complicated...

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