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i word to the wise. don't do bussiness with american general.

they tricked us into a mortgage saying everything was included except our tax's. thats was a 100% on the b.s meter. they didn't tell us our home insureance was'nt included in our payment. now our payment is 1450.00 per month plus our insurance in another 250.00 per month .now we are looking at forcloser.

been in this house for 11 years an owe 100000.00 more then it is worth. an they come to our house 3 times a week demanding payments. my work has been cut back to 32 hours per week from 68 hours an they tell me an my family we are nothing but white trash an dead beats.thats one *** of a way to do bussiness. told them it's not that i don't want to pay them but it is very hard to make a payment to now when we send a check they just send it back saying they want a certified check instead an we have never had a bad check go to them.

stay the *** away from american general. BEWARE.

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MR. AGF Man, If you weren't goofing off and reading and answering the blogs yourself then you might could help some of the unsatisfied customers you all have.

BTW, if you ran for president, no one would vote for you! I guess you would be wiping your own toliet seat!!


I know they have treated me the same way as you. They call me at work then cuss me and hang up on me.

They won't accept a payment from me unless it is exactly how they want it. I tried to pay a partial payment and tell them that I would be in the following week to pay the other half.

They mailed my payment back to me. They treaten me with Foreclosure when i am behind one month payment and threaten me that I will have attorney fees.


Karma is a real ***. Hope you get yours in the end.

You cant help losing your job or getting sick. Hope it dosent happen to you, GOD FORGIVE YOU.


At american general you need to talk to the\" loss litigation dept\" That\'s the only ones you wnat to talk to. The other just want money these guys get paid to save loan and maybe able to help you.

Please post if any of this helps.

I just got ahold of my lawyer again and was telling him about our real lives and I am working on getting help for us. We will all go to court and fight this morgage company.


HI I am in Ohio and was working with that law office but guess what? American General will not work with anyone.

So they returned my money but are still giving me advice on how to handle them. You need to ask for the number for the main office and talk to the forecloser dept.

They people you are talking to just get paid only if you make your payments not there to help you. I will post soon I as I find out more.


to who wrote the last comment what state are you in ?? i'm in flroida.

i would like to know how to get in touch with alkana law office if they can help my family an i. american general is really running us into the ground please post the info a.s.a.p thanks for the help


to who wrote the last comment what state are you in ?? i'm in flroida.

i would like to know how to get in touch with alkana law office if they can help my family an i. american general is really running us into the ground please post the info a.s.a.p thanks for the help


alkana law office call them! Going through the same thing with American general.

Both are working hours cut but working. They told us to sell everything and forget about family life and get a second or third job.

They can go to *** my family is more inportant! Really call Alkana law office they can help you!


I would run for president and hire you to be my custodian, you could wipe my toliet seat off every day so i can have a clean spot to sit, probably pays about 5.00 hr


stop blogging and get a part time job so you can get your acct up to date


heck if your blogging this much, maybe you should get a part time job and make some extra money so you can get your acct up to date.


loan dice you know so *** much you should run president on the next term.if i had all the answers i would'nt be in this bind. for your information the attorny general of florida is investigating american general finance for fraud on the loans they have written.

they have done this same thing to around nine thousand american citizens. so put that in your smart *** pipe an smoke it .

you really have no idea what your talking about an have nothing better to do but sit behind your computer an get off on trying to *** people off. you are such a LOSER GET A LIFE.


well i guess you always have to be right about everything, if what your doing doesnt work dont you think you should re think your strategy


whatever you say, that hard headed selffishness trait you got needs to be fixed. No one wonder no one can work with your problems, You should stop pointing the finger and look in the mirror. oh well your the one that has to be always right.


loan dice you stupind ***. you have all the answrs???

you are suck a ***. you have a no idea what we are going through.

you have probally never even had to deal with a company like american general. so why don't you just fade away into the clear blue an worry about other people an stop wasting my time with your *** remarks.


i really doubt that they are not taking your money. You probably wrote a few bad checks.

however, why dont you do a bankruptcy? or pack your bags?


you *** you don't understand. i have insureanse they lied was that they siad it was escrowd in when it really wasn't.

they are knocking on our door every day demanding payments. when we give the payments they send them back to us an say we are in default. how can we be in default when they are refusing payment???? several attornys an other finance companys have told us american general is the same as LOAN SHARKS.

just no one has the money to fight them in court. GOD HELP US ALL.they lie they cheat ,they steal .from the consumors .

how in the *** can a person sleep at night an be a peace when this is the kind of bussiness you do for a living. god have mercy on thier souls at judgement day.


heres a tip- go get home owner insurance. If you actually have proof of coverage that you had an outside policy then provide that to the branch manager and they can refund some premium.

if you never had an outside policy then get one so your payment will go back to normal. Any lender would have enforced collateral protection insurance. Somebody like you thats behind might wanna burn the house down, its a good thing they did put coverage on it. They didnt lie to you, you just didnt get coverage!Go get it tomorrow.

They cant modify it probably because your income isnt there like it use to be.

I know that sucks but its the truth, or flip the bankruptcy switch, and you still keep the house. and then your attorney will be involved.